Well, it’s been a little while!

I’m going to be honest, November, December and January were very rough for me, with some significant health issues in my family (I won’t bore you with the details, but everything is looking promising). As such, this newsletter, and work in general, has been on the backburner.

As we move into February, I’m making some changes to the newsletter and blog.  

We are transitioning from “The Nonprofit Video Marketing Newsletter” to “At the Confluence of Creativity and Impact .”

Think of it more as a join me on my journey newsletter, where I share what I’ve learned, how I think about art and filmmaking, what’s working, what isn’t, and interesting tidbits I find from around the web and the world. I’ll also share my thoughts on documentary films I watch and, if any, the impact campaigns behind them.

Why the change?

Well, for the next few years, I really want to focus on growing the documentary side of my business. It’s the reason I got into video and filmmaking in the first place. To tell the stories that I find, that I develop the vision for, and that I create.   While client work in the nonprofit space is still a good part of my work, I believe there’s an even greater opportunity to help make impact and change in the world through documentary film, and I want to tap into that world deeper.

I look forward to this new journey with At the Confluence of Creativity and Impact, and I hope you do as well!