As Ricardo Pico works to grow the profile of Chihuahua’s state spirit, Sotol, abroad, overharvesting and stringent resource management challenges at home threaten to undo his hard work.  He is now thrust into his biggest challenge yet: Charting a sustainable path forward for the industry

From the deserts and mountains of Chihuahua, Sotol is emerging as a craft spirit to rival Tequila and Mezcal. But with its turbulent past and uncertain future, the challenge to keep the tradition alive is being fought by a small group of people. 

This film follows the journey of Ricardo Pico, a passionate Sotol educator who is working towards building a sustainable future for it and its producers.

Battling overharvesting and stringent resource management in Chihuahua while working to enhance the profile of the spirit across North America, Ricardo persists in finding new ways to improve the sustainability of the craft and ensure rural communities benefit from their cultural tradition.

Los Sotoleros tackles themes of:

      • Environmental Sustainability
      • Cultural Preservation
      • Sustainable Agriculture
      • Rural Development

  • Fall-Winter 2024 – World Premiere at a top tier documentary film festival in North America or Europe (IDFA, DocNYC, Etc).  Film Festival window will run for 6-12 months.
  • Spring 2025 – Community Screenings, Conferences and Events across North America, reaching a diverse audience of food and beverage lovers, bartender and mixology community, Mexican culture and heritage aficionados, and travel and adventure enthusiasts.
  • Fall 2025 – Educational distribution targeting universities across North America with Latin American history or cultural studies programs.
  • Fall-Winter 2025 – Streaming (AVOD, TVOD or SVOD) release.

In Development. Production currently planned for January-February 2024.